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Thursday, March 27, 2003
I've discovered something. People are so preocupied with in state colleges that they ignore all the good schools. I was hinting onto this in Iowa when everyone said that ISU and UoI was among the best engineering schools in the nation. Granted ISU did cook up the real first electrical computer a good thing for thier CS department and UoI does have a good engineering program neiter was among the best in the country AFAICT. Now that I'm in NC I know that people for the most part ignore out of state colleges. Apparently the best engineering schools in the nation are in NC. Sure, if you want to help bring the world to the eve of destruction, then yes NC is for you. If you want to grow clones or muntants, then again Yes, NC is for you. Other than that nothing as far as US News is concerned about showing the public.

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