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Friday, April 25, 2003
Despite a really bad beginning this morning (I woke up for school at 8 AM and had 10 minutes to get dressed, get to the high school, and arrive at first period) Today has been really good.

I had the time and the paint was dry so I went ahead and masked off several parts, each having no fewer than a dozen pieces of mesh. I won't be painting it tonight tho' I'm still planing on letting it set at least another 24 hours before I paint with the black. Assuming I don't mess up with the black metal flake I should have it looking excellent this time round. The other thing is that I'm looking into recelling a 1x0 battery, I've already cracked one but I need to look at it closely.

Plus some money issues might be resolved, I'm selling a Transwarp IIe accelerator for $100 which should allow me to get a few things from All Electronics.

And better still is that the loan my parents took out for a real house was approved about an hour ago, and we're going to close on it next week. Not Quite the "by May 1st" I was told but still, the 2nd sure ain't that bad.

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