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Sunday, May 04, 2003
Saturday was the day from hell. In order of events starting at way too early (6:30 AM) and ending at the next day (technicaly right now) Some parts are longer as they really pissed me off (rain, McDonalds, hail, rain, SATs, van sized loads of boxes)

6:30 woke up
7:00 got up
7:05 shower
7:20 got SAT stuff
7:25 left house for McDonalds
7:35 ordered breakfast (I add it because it never really happens)
7:45 still waiting
7:50 started on Coke
7:55 Got my food
8:00 finished food after circling the high school twice
8:05 met some friends to impaciently wait to be admitted to the SAT test center
8:15 admitted to test
8:30 they stoped admitting people
9:00 guy giving test started talking
9:30 guy does his job (give me the *&^%ing test already)
12:55 finish last test, leave probmptly to go to new house
12:56 starts raining hard
1:08 drowned rat (me) arrives at new house
1:09 curse at broken door
1:10 collapse
1:30 go to Subway
1:40 Subway smashes my food (Drive thru's at Subway are a bad idea)
1:45 eat
2:00 catch up with Dad, empty out van load of stuff for new house
(another 30 minutes) another load
(another 30 minutes) another load
(another 30 minutes) another load
(another 30 minutes) another load
4:01 rain starts again
4:10 hail starts
4:20 hail eally starts
4:21 run in hail storm to bring in car
4:22 Drowned rat returns
4:40 ground is covered in pea sized hail
5:00 (another 30 minutes) another load
(another 30 minutes) another load
(another 30 minutes) another load
(another 30 minutes) another load
7:00 collapse again
8:15 leave new house
8:40 look at lights at Lowe's
9:00 leave for KFC
9:05 rain starts again when entering KFC
9:20 leave KFC
9:35 return to shitty rental
10:00 finish food
10:05 fight with laptop
10:15 glue part onto upper case
10:30 shut off brain
11:00 Start watching "The Manhattan Project" (think teen builds Nuke on his own, government freaks out, various passes at classic Sci-Fi and at least one Mac 128/512)

---next day---

1:00 movie ends
1:01 log into Blogger
1:21 post entry

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