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Monday, December 01, 2003
Foiled again?
This has the potenital to suck and rock at the same *&^%ing time

As I inch closer and closer and closer to getting a BTO 15" Powerbook I have to go off and read this sort of well founded rumors. Keep in mind I am still a very solid fan of the old Newtons and if Apple came out with a New tablet that was a Newton in modern terms (7 to 10 real years or something like 6 to 8 generations of technology) I would basically flip out drink a case of Red Bull and fly myself to the nearest Apple Store. Apple is just sitting on the NOS software and is doing the occasional reincarnation (Ink in 10.2) but if they pulled off a full fledged tablet with good Handwriting recognition I would jump all over it. Granted I still like the AlBooks but come Jan MacWorld (or whatever they call it now) I could find myself in a very uncomfortable situation.

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