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Friday, September 17, 2004
Almost forgot
I now have proof that there are some truely stupid people living in or around Mount Airy, NC. Julia, a local girl who used to have a blog with blogger, was arrested recently for underaged drinking, that was about a week ago today. Saturday another blog made a reference to a big party, and inside twenty four hours, Julia posted her own interpretations of the events, including a lot about her own arrest. That was posted Sunday Sunday. When was the police report filed? Try Tuesday or Wednesday. Slow cops, slower students. Wonder what she had to say?

You can try the google cache here
Google's text only cache of it here
Or my copies of it Here and Here (Graphical and Text only respectfully - both are rips of google's cache incase it disappears as well)

What's especially satisfying about this is that her blog (rationalfunctions.blogspot.com which is ironic in its own right) was taken down in hopes that no one would see it, and therefore never know about her comments. I love how internet pages never really disappear - they just slip into obscurity :)

Wow! They do grow them stoooopid up there!
That's so nice, to know you people have nothing better to do but read and save peoples blogs.

We *truely* live in a stupid world. Thanks for providing proof.
If thats the way you feel, Megan, why exactly would you be here? Your reading this blog for no apparent reason, and commenting on posts. You're saving a copy of it, however temporary, on your own computer.

Now think about the use of blogs. Archive, comment and otherwise document, just about anything and you were part of that process. None of this material is inaccessible to someone who looks hard enough, I simply made a link to a cache of the page, then made a copy in case that goes down. Quick Easy referencing. Like it or not thats been my policy for pages taken off line for one reason or another, and I see no reason to change it. I've been doing it for years for a number of obscure reference pages.

Don't like my policies and choice of content, fine. No one is forcing you to click those links, read this blog, or even know the URI. It's hard to have a blog and keep it private, the concepts are mutually exclusive. I'll respect your choice to stop blogging, I won't even link to it directly, but I'll keep using mine as I see fit - and I want to use it to publish my thoughts.
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