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Thursday, November 18, 2004
Feed Envy?
I've posted before on how much I love feeds, but someone has proposed the idea of "feed envy". Personally I've got 50, which I guess isn't too bad as I'm adding something like 5 a week anymore (and really I'm averaging something much higher than that since I haven't been using RSS for 10 weeks now) I'm certainly not at the 200 - 400 feeds those people are at. Still I figure I'm seeing 250+ posts/day. It really makes the web more enjoyable. Skim most of my favorite websites in 30 minutes and then - well I'm still trying to figure out the then part; all this time just came out of nowhere...

your first in line remains there, first, and yes, i don't want the site to be second to any, the first time, and yes, i like the idea of you having more feeds, and interest, as it shows i am right,
and yes i am a whispering hunter, i hunt for the whispering narrow close boned, sweet dulCee, Galion, for frente for ever, gee to cee, over, coppiateteme, veramente, and do you have two dugs or one, i am dug, and i want to meet dugong girl, and get gonged if necessary,
Umm Ok random blog browser/commenter what ever you say.... (can I get a plain english translation of that comment here?)
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