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Monday, January 17, 2005
I've had this glass top desk for a few months now, and during most of that time it has been nothing more than a glorified workbench. Until recently that it. Matt is building a wall in the basement and needed some of my junk moved out of the way so rather than moving it off to the side I swept off my desk (literally, there was a ton of wax shavings and saw dust on it) and started relocating the computers onto it. So now I have 5 CRT monitors, the exposed guts to a Beige g3, a Color Classic, my iBook, two keyboards, three mice, 1 iPod, 2 surge protectors, and my bawls lamp spread out on the desk. Below it is a monster PC server and a mess of wiring. I might try and take a photo. Not just to show the situation, but for the claims adjuster when the 1/4" glass decides that being together isn't nearly as much fun as being apart.

Kinda like this:
Screen Shot from the Animatrix - Vision 9

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