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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Blues and Greens
The inventor of the process used to create blue and dark green LEDs has been awarded $8 Million for his work. (NYTimes blood sucking registration required) This is actually one of the sadder tech stories I've ever posted. This guy developed this technique almost on his own and went through corporate hell to do it, and since they've taken off has created a profit that will likely go into the Billions, especially since this work is essential to blu-ray drives. The problem is that he didn't see any of that profit, so he sued his employer for his fair share, and has been going though legal and political hell to get it. But he has and now the geeks are rejoicing. I think I may have posted a note about it, but I can't find it now, it really is a cool story so you might take the time to look it up (or just read the primer in the above article...)

Only 8 Million? When I got the patent on the fusia colored LED I got 10 million.
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