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Sunday, January 23, 2005
Decent day
Aside from being a little tired and being called a monster by some Frenchmen today is good. The family went to Winston Salem today and we got a new TV (unfortunately not anything fancy just a flat screen CRT cable ready TV) a DVD player, and The Family Guy Collection 1 (Seasons 1 and 2). Couple food items at the fresh market but its nothing major (Bagels - someone needs to start a bagel shop in Mount Airy)

Got the TV because we're going a good deal of renovations and we wanted something larger than a 19" tv for the basement (which is going to look pretty good once finished) Additionally I think we're planning on dropping satellite TV and picking up cable, so another TV could be a good thing. Really don't care much about that part tho' , I'm not watching a lot of TV - more DVDs and TV series on DVD so cable and a netflix account would be much better than satellite. cable might make it easier to argue for a DVR device (Tivo, their competitor or a DIY linux box - I bet you can tell which I'm rooting for)

Anyways sorry for the lack of posts this weekend, been banking a lot of sleep and watching videos then this trip.

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