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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
Google for video?
One of the podcast ideas I've been working on involves information and how we use it, so I've had my intrest piqued by the search engine study that came out yesterday. Supprisingly I think I can make my idea work since there has been a major focus on what I want to cover. I've been writing up some rough outlines and will try to record a show in the next day or two. Due to the nature of my idea I think I'll keep it to a weekly, and a shorter one at that. I'll see how it comes out.

But getting back on the main topic google is now cooking up Google Video. No playback (yet) and its only text with an image, but I think it has potential. I think the video indexing will be a much more powerful tool than image searches are now because image searches are scatter shots at best, and completly useless at their worst. The principles google is deploying with the image search will make it a stronger tool to find images, but for now the holy grail of searching has to be in audio. I'm nearing 2GBs of podcasts and spoken audio, and 8GBs of raw audio. Aside from vague tags in the ID3 data there isn't a solid solution to sifting though the audio. But I'm straying some. I want to keep some stuff for the podcast

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