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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Last Minute MacWorld Predictions
100% sure there will be an iPod flash, no LCD, plays 200+ files in order or the more heavily advertised random feature

100% sure we'll see Tiger (10.4) demoed

99% sure Jobs will wear a black turdle neck and blue jeans.

90% sure Apple will brag about iPod and iTMS sales in addition to Mac sales

80% sure Apple will either lower prices or will announce a new low end non-portable system(I hope this happens, just not sure it will) Possibly (hopefully) both.

75% sure Apple will increase processor speeds

60% sure there will not be an office suite. Apple software leaks are really bad I don't think something as big as the rumored iWork could exist without more of a leak. Unless they just change the name of Appleworks (which could be possible) I don't see it happening. However there will be other software revisions (other than OS X.4)

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