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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Mac mini :: MiniMac
An update on the earlier post about PC weenies looking up Mac Mini Ram information with bad search terms (resulting on hits at my site):

I've had another dozen searches for Mac Mini stuff by PC users, including technorati links. I've had a few more Mac users come across the pages but by far the majority has been PC users.

Again I have to give Apple credit, this $500 Mac is going to do wonders for Apple. I've had PC users ask me about it (IRL) after having my iBook out, and I expect more questions tomorrow in classes where I'm well known for slamming windows.

Mac Addicts like myself aside they still have swarms of PC users 1) buying Mac minis and 2) looking for information on Mac minis to see if they want to buy mac minis. Even if they're taking a direct loss on the Mac Mini I think they'll do OK, with as many accessories as they push they're probably not having much of a problem breaking even. Not to mention that Apple is just coming off of its best quarter ever

So yes, this is good. Good job Apple. (feel free to send me one free of charge - you have my address on file)

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