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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Oh Hell Yes
OK so some of my predictions sucked bad, but I won't know for sure until I watch the keynote later tonight. But until then Hell YES!

Mac Mini the name sucks but the system rocks. 3 lbs G4 mac thats 6.5" square and 2" tall A whole lotta power in a little package and its a mere $499 (The Educational discount only chops off $20) Video out is weird and there's no video in. So no all in one DVR, even if they are toting it as an excellent media center PC. Looks a lot like the iHome rumor that was floating around, but not quite. I love it, I want one, no I want a pair. One I can tear into and another for my little brother who would probably love it (I'll know that in a few minutes)

The iPod Shuffle is pretty cool as well. I know I have a regular iPod already (4g 20GB) that I'm thrilled with, as well as flash drives, but theres something inexplicably cool about the iPod Shuffle, and at $100 for 512mb and $150 for 1GB I'm seriously considering it, especially since it looks like I can use it as a flash drive as well. For price comparison a 1GB thumb drive runs about $100 $80 if you catch a good deal.

I'm sure Apple is going to take a loss on some of those systems but these are the cheapest systems to come out of Apple EVER. Even back in the days of old when Apple 1s were made in a garage and Apple 2s were l33t.

I kinda got the software thing right. It wasn't a major M$ Office Killer, but rather a few upgrades. iLife got boosted to '05 Updates to iPhoto, iDVD (now both at version 5) and Garage Band (now at 2). Keynote got a similar boost and was bundled with the new app, Pages. I don't think pages is really that great. Looks like its just TextEdit with an iLife Steroid injection. Practical and I really don't care about it much as the bundle still runs the same amount as Keynote did yesterday (if not less) so Pages is really a freebie.

Don't know if Jobs talked about everything else I predicted but I've very happy with this Macworld Expo. Now If you'll excuse me I need to go and extort ~$650 for a new Mac and iPod Shuffle...

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