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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Podcasts in the fast lane
When I got to playing with my iPod for the first time I posted my first impressions and tagged on that I wanted to use the fast play feature in the 4g iPods to work though material faster (at the time I wanted to cram HHGttG Radio plays) but never quite got it to work. After initial searching it involved changing .m4a tags to .m4b (those are AAC files) but I couldn't get it to work. After listing to some IT Conversations on fast play it caught my attention once again and I went in search of a homebrew solution. And this time I found it. A small apple script called Make Bookmarkable. Mac users only, but I saw a handful of PC how tos. Anyways the fast play can get a little annoying, theres some jumping around and some podcasts are better than others, but it is handy none the less. I don't think I'll be converting HHGttG to AAC but some of my staple podcasts will be converted to ACCs if I don't recieve them that way.

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