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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Quick Bits
So I can get to those nightmares here are some quick bits (I was helping Matt install a couple of walls most of Monday, hence the early Tuesday Morning posts)

Time to pick up the Pepsi habit again since Apple and Pepsi are giving out 200 Million songs and iPod Minis this year

Picture of how the Mac Mini stacks up the the Cube over at Gizmodo I understand now why Apple wants to drop the comparason - there simply is none.

Boing Boing linked to a site that's Screwing with the Postal system fun but Wired has been encouraging this sort of thing for years.

Everyones favorite illegal monopoly Micro$haft will be trying to convince Brazil open source is evil and they should continue paying protection money licensing fees for inferior high quality solutions. hopefully they will take the same approach Nintendo did in the fake wired interview a few weeks ago.

In not so linkable news I went and saw Ray I liked the film a lot. Incredible story about an incredible man, and it wasn't something Hollywood managed to mangle. If you're in Mount Airy go catch the last showing at the Downtown Cinema Wednesday, otherwise catch it on DVD. It's a treat. It was also a very fitting film to have watched on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and a good way to end the post.

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