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Thursday, January 27, 2005
Yeah, and this is not a blog post
There is further proof that some politicians are on the same level as young children. One numbskull politician wants to add a magnetic strip and a photo to your social security card. Most people will an IQ better than ambient room temprature would call this a national identity card, but we'd be wrong, since such a card would carry the words "This is not a national ID card" Personally if you have to make a national ID card (and I'd still oppose that) basing it on SSNs is a royally bad idea. Throwing that stuff around is what's leading identity theft. Then again mag stripes and photos aren't that secure either. You can read mag stripes with little more than $20 in hardware and a PC with a sound card, and photos well it doesn't take much to pick up an exacto knife now does it...

some of these polititians are complete idiots. when they say things like "What do you mean by "card"" its no wonder the rest of the world hasn't carpet bombed us into oblivion. Maybe a full government annihilation would be good, even kill the good ones because we need to start fresh. like sunkist fresh :)
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