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Friday, February 11, 2005
120 pages, 120 seconds
I am officially hooked on TextWrangler. After noting Google's Adwords seem to be working better today I decided it was finally time to edit the main site to have advertising. So i fired up TextWrangler and customized the google code so it would fit better on the main site. I opened up all my html documentsin textwrangler, set up a search and replace to place the code. A couple of clicks (muli-document search and replace all) and within a couple minutes I editied over 100 pages - twice - since after place the code I put in some absolute links where I had relitives. What would have taken hours (if not days) with BBEdit Lite took me minutes with TextWrangler.

As I said I am now officially hooked on TextWrangler. Way to go BareBones.

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