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Monday, February 28, 2005
In addition to mindlessly surfing the net, snow days are ideal times to go see movies. After the Oscars last night there logical choice was Million Dollar Baby or The Avaitor.

The Avaitor didn't fit into our time slot so we (my brothers) went to see Million Dollar Baby at the worst theater in town (not by choice - they were the only ones in town airing it)

It is amazing.

The people who made the film packed tons of content into a small package, and delivered its most important messages with lots of style and class.

Go see it, even if it is at a more than half dead theater that smells remotely of piss, its amazing film, perfectly entitled to the Best Picture award it won. Feel free to take the entire population of Florida (well at least the elected officials) with you, they could learn something from it.

BTW We'll be seeing The Avaitor tomorrow, and possibly the Incredibles this weekend (the downtown cinema in Mount Airy is always worth it).

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