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Friday, February 11, 2005
I missed an episode of House on Tuesday because I had a commitment go a little long.
I've missed two full episodes of 24 since the season began, and parts of a couple more.
There was an episode of ER about a month ago that was conveniently interrupted by a tornado watch/warning in my viewing area.
Oh and Firefly - I can't wait to get that DVD set and I never saw it on broadcast TV, it was cancelled way too soon...
Then there were a few shows I missed on Adult Swim when I was on vacation, a few enterprises.

See a pattern? I've missed the official airing of several TV shows that I enjoy watching. When I can I watch them live, its usually convient, but sometimes life runs long, and I don't know about you but I have satallite and getting a DVR to work with non-terestial broadcasts is more than a little tricky, and even if it wasn't I'm not exactly the type to preprogram a Tivo to get all my favorite shows for the next three years, nor am I going to drop everything and double check on a box I don't need.

So whats with the title? I use bittorrent to get back episodes of shows I like a lot, all broadcast, and when possible I support the content producers. Either by sitting though ads, noticing the product placements they usually don't mention, hell I've even gone to ad ridden bloated show websites to find the episode I missed so I could DL the right thing. And I wasn't lying when I said I can't wait to buy the Firefly DVD set, I really can't.

So why then do they insist on suing bit torrent sites? I'm not pirating movies, I'm downloading shows that whey pumped into the airwaves. They aren't extending any effort to sent it though bit torrent - its all fans and its all peer to peer. No cost to them. They aren't even loosing the advertising. Commercials may be cut out, but they've been moving more to product placement anyways and I am going to their websites for show info to make sure I DL the right episode

Among all the copyright and piracy muck being thrown around by the xxAA organizations and their dogs of war I think broadcast shows are by far the weakest argument. They need to adopt these models like some indy films have (Thebroken.org, Cyberpunkfilm's Cyberpunk Educator which is really neat, or any number of other files)

Free, easy to use, and really fast/secure. Not private but there's no need to worry about a virus or spyware. WinWinWin, especialy if the studios are the ones pumping out the torrent files and not the fans (IE ads will stay in place)

This (look up three paragraphs) round of lawsuits isn't the first, there was another one raid/major filing back in December. That round took out my first pick site, suprnova.org (not linking because they came back online with some PC only proprietary shit) and surprise dozens of new sites popped up. Right now my main bit torrent staples are torrentreactor.com and tvtorrents.ws (they move around so you may need to search it out - something like "tvtorrents" in google)

It works, and it isn't going to go away like napster did. Rather than futile attempts at suing your customers, you should embrace change, cuz if you don't you're going to sue yourself into debt, and as much as I may like good TV, I'm not going to let the government bail you out like they do the railways and airlines.

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