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Saturday, February 12, 2005
Blogger con is here!
Everything just started up (9:15) , tons of Macs. there's something like a 5 to 1 Mac PC ratio. Bloggers love Macs.

Parking was a bitch to find, the conference hall wasn't much better, but everyone is happy to be here. Met up with a couple of bloggers trying to find everything. Got to talking about podcasts before it started up. Some cool people who all see what I'm seeing in North Carolina (half assbackwards, half cutting edge) and all thrilled to be here. Very positive atmosphere. Sort of laid back, informal, but with a goal - I love working this way. :)

Not only is this being recorded (and presumably podcasted) there's video recording going, and will eventually be archived on ibiblio.org (further proof that NC is higher tech than it may seem)

Defiantly feeling good about coming here (and I didn't even need the Jolt to wake up)

Anyways more in a while. (this isn't going to be blogged in chronicle order [insert DNA/HHGttG quote about time and sequential order here] )

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