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Monday, February 21, 2005
Bye-bye fourth ammentment...
the RIAA and MPAA are chiseling away at the 1st amendment, along with the Christians, homeland security, and even the major media outlets (discrediting bloggers)

Then there are anti-gun nuts, who are always fighting to get rid of that dangerous 2nd amendment

The owners of those land yachts with Support our troops yellow ribbon magnets are a stones throw from repealing the 3rd amendment, or at least it seems that way.

and now we've got federal judges ruling that asking for directions is consent for a search and seizure, even if we aren't aware of it

I'd go into how many of the other amendments are being trampled on and seemingly in danger of collapsing, but I won't partial because it would be too hard to write, and partially because I have more hope for people than that. Its important that as citizens we are aware of our rights and local ordinances, but above all make sure you have read and understand the constitution. Without it America is just another screwed up 3rd world nation with a stockpile of nukes...

"along with the Christians" you are really against Christians huh? I think you mean "christians" who are the hypocritical fools who say that racism is bad and tell poor people that they need to get a job and pay an offering before God will forgive them. I could gripe on and on about this but I believe you are putting broad generlizations to try to offend the right people (no pun intended) Oh well I am trying to hard to get offended or to annoy you with incessant banter about your criticism of these "Christians" you keep complaining about.
I am also in a good mood so don't take that personally ;)
You're right, I am using the term too vaguely, and I don't know why I capitalized it that time, I did mean a specific group and didn't identify it. In this post I'm griping about the homophobic, creationists trying to convert people like me (who hold a more intrinsic and secular belief systems to their brand of christianity) with promises of salvation or, that failing, thought the creation of a few new constitutional amendments.

I guess the problem is that calling them what they really are (4 letters - small and often radical religions) would get me flamed in more than one sense
I think that sect would be a good word!
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