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Thursday, February 24, 2005
Common Sense vs Mass Media
Everyone around here has been hyping that fact that we are/were supposed to get snow/ice/wintery mess crap for the better part of a week. The same better part of the week that was better than 60F and generally sunny on a daily basis.

Corse it's still going to snow, and we'll still be out of classes/work since everything closes down if anything ever threatens to fall out of the sky between October and Februrary/March, because, of course, the local weather people said so.

The same local weather people who don't know what type of percipitation falls out of the sky on the day they're reporting it.

Isn't it great to be nuts? Anyone with half a brain knows that the warmer the days are the warmer the ground is. If its been 70, the ground is at least into the 40s, probably closer to the 50s, and snow - that melts at any tempreture over 32. But nope, we'll get 1-4 inchs of snow because nucking buck the weather man said so.

Yeah, right. This whole fear the weather thing is getting pretty inane.

Hey, don't feel bad, last month they told us that it would be rainy and in the 40's - it was actually warm and clear, so the magic 8 ball was wrong.
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