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Monday, February 21, 2005
Cursed Shock Journalism
I detest shock journalism (the type of headlines and stories American media prefers, as opposed to the styles used by more sane media outlets in other countries) it boils down to irrational fear mongering, which works well with some people's agendas, but doesn't do squat for the general public. Maybe this is why I opt for more blogs than traditional media. One of the things I hate most is how common it is and how its creeped into every aspect of american life, its loud its obnoxious, its American, its no wonder the world hates us.

It's also pretty pathetic when we let it creep into our holidays, as librarian.net points out

Which sounds better to you: Freedom to Read Week or Banned Book Week

They both have the same intention, are run by similar organizations, but are in different countries. Now sure banned book week grabs your attention for a fraction of a second, but really Freedom to read week is more open and inviting, and encourages positive participation as opposed to book burning

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