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Tuesday, February 15, 2005
Anyone with a media connection knows about the 15 year old South Carolina kid being sentenced to 30 years in jail. Most of America, sick pieces of shit that we are, seem to agree with the judgment. Both of these are pretty depressing facts.

First the kid was on drugs, intentionally mind altering drugs, drugs not recommended for someone his age at the time. Its doubtful he had a say in the matter, and it is likely he wasn't fully aware of what the drugs were for or what they could do to his mind. And he shot his grandparents, and the drugs, if not fully, are partially to blame. He was 12.

I know a 12 year old who can be really screwed up at times, hell when I was 12 I was screwed up, everyone is screwed up at 12, its part of being 12, you've got 6 years before your supposed to be recognized as a legal adult, and the last four of those are set aside by society for you to get the next 60 years of your life in order.

I'm not saying he should go unpunished for what he did, after all punishment is part of the learning process that enables most of us to become responsible citizens in our older years. By we're going to lock him up for 30 years - until he's 45 - because of something he probably didn't fully understand he did, and something drug-dependent society as a whole has a partial blame to.

Now we're going to pay for him for the next 30 years at least (he'll probably be depended on whatever remains of SS in 30 years too) because of a emotional condition we've deemed unacceptable. This country has some fucked up morals. A bunch of sick fucking hypocrites who can't understand a world beyond the common overweight, unimaginitive, unwashed mass living lives of moral corruption while condemning anyone that doesn't comply with the wishes of the arrogant masses.

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