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Thursday, February 03, 2005
I'm a Star Trek Fan. I admit it. I remember watching TNG, I've seen all the movies (even tho I can't remember all the details) I've watched the specials, I read Wil Wheaton's Blog (More of the techie stuff, but I don't gag when he posts something trek related), own a Star Trek technical manual and I even like Enterprise.

Too bad, Enterprise was cancelled this week and the last episode is in May. Just when it was making up lost ground. The early plot lines and long arcs killed it and all of its potential couldn't save it. Early on I liked the idea of Enterprise working with basic tools and fighting with everything to work, developing the later star treks. It never really happened and we got stuck with a bunch of junk that didn't fit into the trek universe (too much time travel - and even with time travel in the other series this stuff defied everything that has come before) One bad idea got taken much too far.

If you want to know what I think Enterprise should have been go get your hands on Firefly, or at least go see Serenity when it comes out later this year which is the greatest science fiction you have never seen. After you watch it take out the centralized politics, add more broken technologies, and keep the existing trek species (but the off beat ones we got to meet in Enterprise)

Sure there's a Save Enterprise thing going on but honestly those things never catch the intended goal. Sure we got some Farscape (mini series), and yes we will get Serenity (Movie version of Firefly), and yes Family Guy is coming back, but Enterprise is too well hated, and for some of the reason I posted above, almost understandably.

yay! Family Guy!
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