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Friday, February 25, 2005
So I posted about a couch I wanted a while back (mainly because it has a built in g5 iMac) but in all seriousness, I need a good chair.

I mean some of my work space solutions are garbage, literally. While not junk there isn't a lot of really comfortable furniture in the house (stiff high back chairs, two couches that aren't that comfortable to sprawl out on, one that even sitting in isn't that comfortable) so the greatest advantage of having a laptop is being able to find something thats comfortable (however challenging it may be) so I really want a good chair, like this one, of course the problem with that one is that it costs more that pretty much all the other furniture in the house combined (or at least comes pretty close to it) Aeron chairs are supposed to be nice, but aren't much better in terms of price at $700 retail - but at least they show up on eBay for $400 or so (see the dotcom burst was good for something), and knock-offs for about half of that.

I'll probably get a cheap ass big box store special, but I still need a good chair, even the 4 hours a day in the school's computer class rooms are getting tedious - then I come home and need/want to work on some projects and can't find a good, non painful, place to work. Once I finish up some of the ebay auctions I'm conducting for a friend I'll have enough for RAM (which is the other dire need), and if I'm luck a good chair.

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