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Friday, February 11, 2005
The Good Life
I love my iBook, and contrary to local opinion Mount Airy really is a good place to live. People are friendly, there's a decent mix of people, and we have big city sorts of things without the nuisances presented by big cities. Sure there isn't much for the night owls (especially insomniacs like myself) but during the day its can be very comfortable.

This afternoon I went down to The Good Life to meet with someone about doing a website I met him at a business plan competition related event I entered MountAiryNC.net into. We talked and tried to meet up back in December/early January. Didn't pan out then but we did meet up today down at The Good Life. I opted to ride my bike, little cold today but warm enough to not make it uncomfortable. I was about 20 minutes early so I wandered about down town for about 10, 15 minutes. Mainstreet in Mount Airy is an amazing thing. Unlike many places in the USA, Mount Airy doesn't just have a down town, they have a thriving downtown. Economic studies say its slipping, but there are very few places in the country that still have a true downtown. Malls and big box stores tend to skirt cities and draw the masses away from the center of town.

Anyways there were people walking around like myself, most of the parking places were filled up and there were people in both stores I went into (book store and then the Main Oak building the Good Life is in.) A few minutes before the meeting I went up to get a drink (it is a coffee place). The guy I was meeting came in and saw I was in line so he looked around while I waited, and due to my Apple shirt and headphones another guy - a halfback Mac user - struck up a conversation. We talked Macs/Linux/Windows - which is always fun - until my drink came up then I went to the guy I was meeting.

We sat down talked for about 90 minutes, then left. No one bothered us, didn't have to do it in whispers or anything, and I was able to check some stuff over the 802link wifi while we talked. (Have I mentioned how much I love my iBook recently?)

Meeting went well I the project doesn't seem too hard. I'll be able to have some fun with it, make some money and build up my experience all at the same time. We're probably going to talk again next week and get a little further ahead. We'll probably meet at the Good Life again too.

Anyways afterwards I wandered around Mainstreet a little more, went to see someone at the Chamber of Commerce for the MountAiryNC.net project but they're out until next week.

Just really enjoyable. Now on to the point, Mount Airy has a lot going for it, so does the county for that matter. I have ranted about how stupid some of these people are, but beyond those there are a lot of smart people here, and they care about the place they live. Give it some time, and I think even us night owls will have lots to be happy about. It certainly beats the shit hole I moved out of a few years ago...

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