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Monday, February 28, 2005
Just looked at some of my site tracking tools for the blog and the main pages, and Karma is real. I know after the bloggercon (over 2 weeks already) I was a little more aware of track-backs and other similar "community" items. I'm probably stuck in the middle part of the last third of the long tail effect (for now at least) but when I linked to another small blog I found the Barbie linux thing in (via technorati ) he linked back (guess he was tracking his own address via technorati ) I think he clicked on some of the ads as well, so Karma is coming back to me, and I'm certainly going to pay more attention to trackbacks and linking to sources.

Still I'm still sort of amazed at how much this has grown over the last two years (yes I've been maintaining this blog for 2 years now, and my main site for close to 3) It used to be a good day when I got one visitor, now its a bad day if I don't crack 20 visitors.

Guess its time to update the template so it isn't as horribly mangled. Maybe after I finish up the latest project.

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