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Thursday, February 10, 2005
NC Bloggercons and Other Website Stuff
Dave Winer was at the Greensboro News and Record last night. He's got a write up and a podcast here If I had my firewire cable I'd be DLing it right now and moveing it over to my iBook, but I don't I'm not and I'll have to wait a few hours to get it. I knew about the meeting last week and would have liked to have gone but knew I wouldn't be able to make it. To make up for it I am planning on going to Chapel Hill Saturday for the NC bloggercon, where he's making another appearance.

I'm really interested in the Greensboro News and Record revamp partially because that's my parent's pimary income (daily print journalism) and its facing a forced change because of bloggers, but more of the community square concepts they're deveoping and they fact that its happening right down the road. Jouranalism aside its very similar to what I'm aming to create with MountAiryNC.net. I've got this thing about free research and development :) This is actually bretty big in NC, and many of the bloggers in the more urban, less hick areas are getting together and doing some pretty cool stuff.

I should be OK tho' I'll have the podcast and I'll listen to it either today or sometime before 9AM Saturday. Speeking of which I need to sign up for the Chapel Hill thing and send in my MAC address ('cuz I like wireless connectivity) I'm sure the same guy at audioactivism.org will record the discussions in Chapel Hill if you're interested, and I'll link to those when I get a chance (Sunday or Monday)

Throw in a few meetings with people about websites tomorrow (certain) and some I'm working on getting organied, I'm going to have a busy week over the next week or so. (That would be a good thing)

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