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Thursday, February 10, 2005
New comment system
Blogger updated the way it handles comments and I like it a lot. I tend to use comments as threads of discussion and usually reply to comments with comments, and until this revision had to refer to the comments in my mail client. With the new system all the comments are listed in a column and the OP is an optional thing. I actually noticed it a few minutes ago when replying to some anonymous coward in the superbowl commentary from Sunday. It wasn't until after I published that did I see the article on the blogger home page. For now I think I'll leave comments on the individual post pages. I'm not a fan of pop ups, and its not like comment spam is going to work all that well. First I'm not that important in the blogging power curve and secondly Google/Blogger are the guys behind the no-ref notes that stop the links from getting indexed and pageranked.

As an additional thank google note the adwords seem to be targeting a little better now, it used to be blogs, blogs blogs, now I'm starting to catch some decent ads (ie Superbowl Ads in the aforementioned post)

Anyways I think I'm going to DL some more iTMS tunes, maybe blow some shit up then get some REM cycles in.

Comment more! (and click on Ads, we like clicking on the occasional ad, we are susceptible to last line comments on a geek's blog, yes we are...)

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