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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
New Doctorow Short Story
Just finshed the latest Doctorow short story I, Robot You can see his introduction to it over at BoingBoing.net

I liked this one more than than Anda's Game - which I posted about a few months ago This ones a little longer, but I think the universe is a little closer to my knowlege base. Anda's Game was aimed at gamers, this one is more techie. In any case I like how he's twisting some classic SciFi, I've read both Enders Game and I, Robot so I remember the general twists, and while I'm not activly thinking about it while reading the new work, the subtle twists are churning away in my mind as I write this. Like I said last time take an hour or so and sit down to read this, its a well constructed universe to visit, but one I and others are trying very hard not to live in

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