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Friday, February 18, 2005
No Love from Google
Fables of Reconstruction claims google is dropping the page rank on blogs Somehow I'm not surprised. At the blogger con on Saturday one of the sub conversations I had was about Signal t noise ratio and on a tangent to that, how does google rank blogs. At the time I was drawing on some observations I have made in my own logs, noting that Google prefers my static site while yahoo and others prefer my blog. Of course by blog isn't linked to as my static site is, which accounts for some, but I felt that googles indexing didn't move though blogs fast enough, or does keep up and discredits fast changing sites. Of course this is just speculation

There was one example was a few months ago when I posed My Turrets Syndrome is acting up during a period of time when I wasn't regularly updating my blog (1-3 posts a week at most). While idle Google indexed it and I quickly jumped up the google chain for no apparent reason. When I tried posting the word into other posts when I was regularly posting (once a day +) Google didn't even flinch and I didn't see any traffic from the experiment.

It would be interesting if someone set up a blog and a static site and ensured that they get equal linkage, the blog being updated daily, the static once a week with the same content as the blog. Hmmm...

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