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Friday, February 11, 2005
Question. (please comment)
I've started working on making my posts longer, trying to create content as opposed to the snatch and regurgitation postings I have mainly done. I'm not planning on dropping the links and quick comments, and I'm not going to become a busblog consisting of nothing but long posts and random photos. Instead I want a balance between the two, balancing the recycled linkage out with my own stuff. The question is what you think.

I'm (probably) not going to change my style, but I do what your feedback. Do you like the new style? Should I try to do fewer long posts or try to strike a middle ground within the middle ground (ie longer comments on linkage or more links in longer comments to break up my monologue).

I've only really noticed the change in the last week, and I was thinking about how content flows down from the top dog sites (power curve law) a while ago for my podcast concept, but who knows I may change the style some more after tomorrows bloggercon (I'm really looking forward to it :) ) and everything I just wrote will loose all relevence.

Anyways let me know, just sign it.



I like the links, and I sometimes like the rants.

I propose the ration of 4 links to every 1 rant.

-"Devil Child"
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