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Sunday, February 20, 2005
So uhhh, yeah.
If you're really interested in why there aren't many posts in the blog for this weekend, its partially because its a fee movie weekend on Starz, partially because Matt and I have been working on the basement, and partially because my mood is sort of shitty right now. If you want an idea of how I feel download Alessandra by Unorganized Crime then listen to it while slowly driving during a light rain at night. Not really depressed or anything, but disconnected. A sort of surreal feeling.

I was thinking about doing a podcast last night, but it got to being too late, I may do one tonight - possibly. If not I'll work on posting the material as text soon, as there are only a few days a year when it would be relevant. (Extra points if you think you know what it is and post it into the comments)

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