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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
Software that Works
When I first started using OS X several years ago there was only one app worth switching for, a third party browser known as OmniWeb. I've used it on and off (usually following the major releases) ever since. Like all off brand browsers it had more than its share of quirks, flaws and some functions that were so mangled its a wonder they made it into the software OmniWeb was a relic of the NeXt Era. Not quite worth the money they were asking but it was some cool software.

But that isn't the only thing to Omni, no they write software that just works. Beautifully, intuitivly, and simply. All their apps are small given consideration for the great power they weild, and Omni even provides one day keys to most of the commercial apps. Hell they even thow out some quality freebies as well.

it takes some mind blowing work to get me to even think about forking over up to $300 for a software package in this day of open source, but barely a doubt comes to mind now.

I've been using OmniOutliner just about every day for the last week or two, OmniGraffle and its pro version brother are lightyears ahead of the comparable Microsoft program Visio I mean there is no comparison between the two. My Programming class is making heavy use of flow charts - the book comes with a copy of Microsoft Visio Pro. However when it comes down to the end I know my charts look better and that they were made faster.

Omni Disk Sweeper has helped immensly when I needed to clear out my hard drive (it found 4 GBs of temp files I wouldn't have found on my own) and OmniDictionary (its broken look up commands aside) are also amazingly well though out applications

If you own a Mac with OS X installed stop reading and start downloading some demos from OmniGroup.com

You can thank me later

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