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Monday, February 07, 2005
Superbowl commercials
GoDaddy.com, the excellent registrar I've used for all of my domains, aired a commercial last night during the superbowl and it was easily one of the best, which is pretty sad considering it was aired on Fox. You can see both the aired ad and the full ad online right here. It was supposed to air twice last night but somehow the assholes at the NFL took offense, convinced Fox to agree and the Simpsons got the spot (which spawns its own ). You can see some of that coverage at the CEO's blog specifically in this post. If you didn't see it last night, watch the aired version first. While the uncut one isn't bad, you should see the only commercial to be barred a repeat airing.

Actually lots of the stuff on fox last night were pretty disappointing. American Dad Sucked ass (how the hell did this come from the minds that brought us Family Guy!?!).

The Simpsons while not as horrible, wasn't up to typical standards, and way overhyped. I took borderline offense to the secular humanist comments, only borderline because I know they usually attack both sides, and then some, but last night's episode was way to biased in favor of the religious nut jobs out there.

I mean this is Fox, they're the fucking kings of broadcasted indecency. We get an uber-religious simpsons, a political satire with no satire, and the NFL censoring commercials that don't need censoring (I've seen reports that a number of other commercials were pulled at the last moment with no notice)

America land of the free as long as you don't want freedom.

"the religious nut jobs out there."
Do you mean Me??? :) Oh well I hear it every once in a while so I do the Christian thing and cuss the person out. ha ha!
You aren't a nut job, at least not the last time I checked. the nut jobs are the ones that

carry viles of holy water, wear 3 pound bibles/sacred texts next to their heart,
are self proclaimed experts on moralality/ethics (and love to explain how there is no basis for morals or ethics without religion) - then can withstand even the most widely accepted documentation to the contrary (even those that their own faith subscribes to), have an amazing ability to NOT understand that god is a generic term, feel there is no need to discuss theology partly because everyone else is wrong and partly because its not allowed, deeply enjoy explaining how the kind priest came and preformed an exorcism and fail to mention that it was just a creaky floor board that still creaks, and whose hobbies include burning witches, banning/burning books, converting non-(insert faith here), and calling the (insert government and or non-religious organizations) to complain about (insert trivial item here), and depending on profession refusing to provide services based on their religious convictions while neglecting professional responsibility.

In other words the ones the idiots that feel I'm going to go on a killing spree because I'm not bound by ethics or morals, tell me so, then refuse to give me an opportunity to calmly and rationally explain my views.

I know I just outlined the minority, but its the loudest group, as demonstrated by the Janet Jackson screw up (99.8% of all FCC complains come from the same religious organizations - and most of those are junk complaints)

So unless you're calling the FCC every waking moment and plan to spray me with holy water next time you see me, you aren't a nut job (at least not in the religious sense) ;)
Okay I'm half safe. I only burn witches on the third tuesday of each month, say that everyone but people with the initials MBE are going to hell, and I condemn the teletubbies for being gay but other than that... :)
No offense, but the GoDaddy commercial was one of the more boring and senseless commercials in an excess of said boring and senseless commercials. Can commercials be banned? Scratch that, can the television indusrty be sued for being a waste of time?
I'm sorry you lack a sense of humor Mr. AC, but not only did the godaddy commercial rate well in terms of Superbowl ads it has done everything it was intended and more.

First it has people talking, not only about GoDaddy.com, but also over this religion and morality binge a handful of nut jobs are forcing on everyone and the censorship being imposed. If you check the blog at GoDaddy you can see this.

Many people found it refreshing and people who would never talk about a domain registar in their entire lives are talking about GoDaddy.

As for senseless and boring, there are by far worse ad campaigns out there. GoDaddy's ad is far from being the greatest ad ever (a title often given to Apple's 1984 ad) it was a gem in terms of this year's superbowl. you're welcome to disagree, I encourage it.

If you really feel TV is a waste of time, first I would recommend forgetting about litigation, that really doesn't work all that well, then I would suggest you look at other forms of content such as radio and podcatching.

Oh and Mike : Tuesdays work, but I only support burning them if you dress them up as witches (including the long fake nose), then criticize them for turning you into a newt, and carefully work out the logic of witch hunting. The hell thing, you may want to think that through, it could get confusing pretty fast. Teletubbies, thats fine, I'm pretty sure they're a terrorist plot to inflict brain damage on already mentally diminished individuals and ruin the credibility of public broadcasting.
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