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Sunday, February 13, 2005
This is freedom?
A San Francisco photographer was threaten with arrest for taking pictures on/near a train platform, and more specifically with challenging the officers on the existence of the law.

You call this freedom? This is treachery.

What if the cop was having a bad day, or just wanted a power trip? maybe someone took the last glazed doughnut. Only words and threats, no action. I think the cop needs a day off and the photographer needs a sincere apology, but not all police are like that... Some Are Worse!
Two cops, both having a bad day - because of donuts? Possible but not exactly a valid reason to threatning to arrest a US Citizen and photojournalist as well as placing them on federal watch-lists. Especially for something as trivial as wanting to use the rights guaranteed to him by the constitution.

I actually sympathize with the cops, they shouldn't have been brought into the matter - and if they were having a bad day I can't fault them. I wouldn't want to be dragged into the matter either. If anything I would have liked them to be protecting citizens from everyday crimes, or even the threat (however exaggerated) of a real terrorist strike.

The problem is rent a cops and other faux-protectors. Just because a law is passed in New York banning photography of public transportation doesn't mean its a national law, a constitutional law, or even a wise one.

Less security is actually more - if you're aware you aren't protected, you are more observant, and if you're more observant you'll know when something is wrong.
Well Said!!! I think if people are too stupid to see when they are in danger they deserve to bu hurt or (if necessary) die.
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