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Friday, February 18, 2005
Weird day
I've kinda been in and out of it today, not exactly tired, but my body and mind have just been drifting in and out of reality. I mean I'm awake, I'm aware of my surroundings, but when I try and do something, however simple like touching my face, I'm aware I'm trying to touching my face, I know I moved my arm and hand and made contact with the face, but it doesn't feel like I've touched my face. Stuff like that.

Another case was when I though I was feeling tired an should lay down or something along those lines, and for a fraction of a second I though "why aren't day's 32 hours long - yeah 32 hour's that'd be the prefect length, so who decided it should be 24, and how they'd do it - wouldn't it be cool to be on a planet with a 32 hour day? What would that planet be like"

And as soon as I thought about it the basic ideas the class was talking about (why do people put sites online - from a book that looks like it predates the dot com burst) disappeared and my mind is trying to grasp the characteristics of a planet that had a 32 hour day. Was it bigger or smaller than earth, closer or further from the star it orbits? Maybe it moved faster or slower. To be honest it doesn't matter now*, it was just a zen-like connecting with the universe kinda thing - in retrospect I probably would have been more comfortable if I had crossed my legs and started making "ohm" sound in a deep bass pitch.

*(meaning: I'll get obsessed with it again and look it up until I know what characteristics create up with a 32 hour day )

Anyways I have another meeting at the Good Life tomorrow/today with the guy I'm doing a website for. I'm slowly getting hooked into this expensive coffee thing, and no that's not a good thing.

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