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Saturday, March 12, 2005
The Best Movie You've Never Heard Of
Dark City

Dark City came out in 1998, before The Matrix, which is similar in a lot of ways such as ideas, character types, and even sets. I think the first time I heard of Dark City was when I heard about the Matrix and checked out Roger Ebert's review of the Matrix, where he mentions Dark City about half a dozen times. I think I may have rented it, but don't remember watching it for some reason.

In any case it popped back into my mind recently, and when I saw it in the $5.50 walmart DVD bin of chaos I grabbed it. I'm not disappointed, I even like aspects of it more, much more, than The Matrix (especially considering the blow shit up goooooood sequels)

The Matrix just took off, and Dark City didn't, but there are lots of great films that go unapperciated in leu of crap (insert junk hollywood film with a half life of 4 months here) If you get a chance to see Dark City, do. You won't be disappointed (unless you have a 5 second memory, in which case you're now struggling to remember the title of the film that I'm trying to convince you to see)

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