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Monday, March 28, 2005
Telcos must die
I hate telephone companies. They are slow arrogant organizations that fight change with a passion and give a rats ass about their customers. It doesn't just apply to the land line monsters either. Cellular dealers are just as bad.

What really has me this time is the DSL service I'm supposed to be subscribed to. DSL is supposed to be fast? Yeah right.

Anymore I'm lucky if our connection can pass 10 KB/s into the LAN I've set up - and I know the LAN isn't the bottle neck. I can pass GBs of data in very little time.

Despite how cheap bandwidth really is, telcos are the only tech industry that hasn't created exponential growth.

Since 1994 land lines haven't topped 56kbps modem. Since DSL really started taking off in 2000 it hasn't really grown past 512kbps for most and really the greedy telcos limit it to 256kbps. Cable is a little better but not by much.

And this problem isn't a major problem for other countries. Many European, and even a number of Asian nations are talking Mbps, not kbps. So what's the hold up? Why are we stuck in a bandwidth black hole - especially given the vast amounts of dark fiber laying under our feet?

Only the telcos know that - but its probably protecting an artificial profit margin. All I know is that I need more bandwidth - lots more.

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