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Sunday, March 20, 2005
Walmart Sucks
I don't like walmart. There are lots of reasons, like driving small businesses out of business, the fact that they leech so much off of the communities they invade and give nothing back. I don't like the fact that they get away with shit companies aren't supposed to get away with. I relish in the fact that once the price of gas gets high enough the pillars of walmart are going to collapse. And I know this goes against my generally Libritarian positions.

The most recent frustration was when Matt and I went out to get some CDRWs so he could back up his system, since we were there we looked in the ever famous DVD bin, and they must have received a new shipment since they had some good stuff in. So we grab a few, most of them rated R.

Now forwhat ever reason this state takes the movie ratings way too seriously and to touch anything R you need to be 18. First the guideline says 17, and secondly the ratings are set by a group of 10 people, all parents, all from California, all done in this shroud of mystery.

No one really knows how they rate movies, just that they do. The thing was created to avoid government imposed ratings, almost seems pointless ince now they are all but government imposed. And walmart imposed

When Matt and I picked up the DVDs we knew they were R, and like always Matt didn't have ID (not that he's over 17 anyways) and I'm eternally low on cash. So the deal is I flash ID and Matt pays. Usually works. Except some clerk started being a corporate drone. Citing policy. Apparently we can't do this. We tried arguing a couple of situations, like whats the matter, we're family (which should have worked), or what if we pull cash from the ATM (which did work). and a few others. It was just plain stupid but she just cited policy until we gave up and had her remove the DVD from the purchase.

But we did want the DVDs so we did goto an ATM and we did got back. I went back in, to the same clerk, and got the DVDs. She didn't say anything, so the so called policy is really pointless. It doesn't stop anyone, just a pointless deturant. I mean I've heard of people getting paid off to get a DVD or video games for minors. There's no bite to the mutable bark. I doubt there is even a real bark, I think Walmarts policy is just echos of a fraction of society who refuses to face the fact that life is vulgar.

Its vulgar, obscene, crude, mean, destructive, profane, and often unpleasant. And while it may be wonderful and clean part of the time it is far uglier than it is pretty and comfortable, at least from a worldly perspective, and it boils down to perception. If you want to fight the evils, you live in a world of evil. if you accept the fact that this is a chaotic reality and blank out the things that irratate you rather than fight them, the world is a lot more enjoyable.

The fanatical religious sects and the corporations that cater to them (like walmart) choose to fight. Walmart is supposed to listen to its customers, they are not supposed to impose their morals on society in general (its brain dead economics people). I feel sad for the music, movie and video game industries, who have to deal with the tyrannical walmart bureaucracy when releasing products.

In any case I can see myself *&^%ing with walmart sales staff in the near future, because its too tempting not to.

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