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Monday, April 25, 2005
Strike That
I just typed out what I felt was a nicely crafted jest based on The Eagles, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and some comments made by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict XVI, in 1996.

I think it would have made an amazing post, but I elected not to post it (not delete it, just not post it) as I have too much respect for the more traditionally religious patrons of this blog. I'm fairly certain that in the right context they could enjoy it as much as I did writing it, but this blog isn't that time or place place. So I'm not posting it (but I am keeping it and if anyone wants to see it they can dig up one of my email addresses) although its probably lost some of its inherent bite now that I'm posting this note in its place.

Edit: Screw it - its the 3rd comment. Highly offendable Catholics have been warned

I'm just glad I'm not catholic because this pope seems to be close to the side of extreme conservative (i.e. living in a house is utilizing earthly things so we must all be nudists and live in the woods... or something like that) I don't wish to offend but if I did: GET OVER IT!!!
Well I like the Eagles, and I love h2g2.. so.. go ahead and post it/send it
Screw it:

Dear sir,

I'm sorry I could not provide you with the Hitchhikers Guide the Galaxy Audio Material you requested. Please understand that I am doing this in your best interests as I have recently become aware that Pope Benedict XVI, is on the record as saying that all rock music is an "Instrument of the Devil" When making this declaration he made several clear examples of these satanic instruments including the groups AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Queen, The Beetles, and the worst one - which of concern to you, The Eagles.

As the aforementioned disc contain music by The Eagles, at least a dozen counts, I can not assume responsibility for "endangering human souls" or the financial risk involved with purification should said music have an adverse effect on your soul.

Please accept my humble apologies (and more importantly please don't have your God strike me down),
So that's why I could never get those damned discs to work.

Thanks for saving my eternal soul mark.
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