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Friday, June 17, 2005
Beer of Roots part the third
I think (dangerous words) I've got the root beer proportioned correctly. About 6 or 7 liters of the stuff - despite the nyeast flavor of the first failed batch I think this might turn out to be some decent soda - we'll see. If its correct I'll know how bad it is Tuesday or Wednesday

In the mean time here's a run down of my cost:

Yeast packets - 3 for $1 (6 3/4 teaspoons) breaks down to $.03 for 2 liters
Sugar 5lbs $1.25 (maybe 10 cups) breaks down to $.12 for 2 liters
Water 1 gallon Bottled $1.20 (enough to make 4 liters of soda) breaks down to $.60 for 2 liters
Bottle of Root Beer Extract $2.50 (enough for about 8 liters I think) $.65 for 2 liters

total for 2 liters $1.40

So its going to run a little more than a regular 2 liters of brand name root beer (which usually run for $1-$1.25) but less than a decent tasting root beer in glass bottles ($2.50 and up)

However this opens up a world of other home-brew sodas - sugar, yeast, water, and flavoring + DIY soda.

Sure you could go out and buy carbonated water, but by the time you've infused it with flavors its going to be fizzled out. Besides this is fun science - you know - the type of science they forgot to teach you in middle school...

Ginger beer is your friend.

You may also like Elderflower Champgane. The cool thing about this is the wild yeasts on the flowers - very unusual flavour.

And whilst we're talking fermenting... sourdough bread is a whole worl of pain. Google it, you know you want to!
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