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Tuesday, June 07, 2005
Cell Phone
Let me start out by saying that Tracfone is an evil alliance. Its the Microsoft of the cellular telecommunication industry.

Bad Products, on low-end hardware, with horrible usability. If you find your self needing a cell phone DO NOT GET A TRACFONE

That said Matt's need for a good cell phone by the end of the week finally prompted the family to get decent service which in this area seems to be far and away Cingular/ATT. So yesterday we received two Motorola v551 camera phones (with bluetooth :) )

Already I love it. While it charged up I was browsing the features and working out personal settings. So while it isn't as elegant as the UI on an iPod it is far from hyper-advanced wow you really do need to RTFM technology. I (and Matt) was able to get it started off taking photos, video, audio notes, and similar items. Even mating the phone to the bluetooth module in my iBook wasn't complicated - really the hard part was finding the right tools on my iBook. So First, second and possibly third impressions are all very good - so far the only peeve I have with it is the chording keying system used by every cell phone (Give me morse code? Don't know if I'm going that far but I don't get how anyone can stand to rack up hundreds of dollars in SMS charges each month).

With the arrival of the phone I also finally gave in and signed up for Flickr I'm not sure how I want to implement it with the rest of my web services collection (which at last count was .mac, blogspot, dreamhost, feedburner, gmail, adsense, sitemeter, my own at home web server, what ever I'm forgetting at the moment and now flickr) but I'm pretty resolved to not racking up significant bills from sending photos to flickr directly - I've got bluetooth I'm going to use it.

I see weird shit - I'll take photos - and with luck I'll get back to my homespur CMS/blogging software and I'll have an elegant solution to incorporating flickr (which is to say I'll probably follow in Andyi's footsteps and leave a flickr bar off to the side.)

Anyways I need to catch some winks I just wanted to post this first...

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