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Thursday, June 23, 2005
Even geeks can be stupid fcsks...
This site has been circulating the geek and gadget web. I wouldn't, but I can't believe that its getting so much coverage. I mean anyone could make this stuff for a few dollars at most (and true geeks could easily do it for free from shit in their personal labs) but this site is selling 57 diodes "intricately woven together by hand" for $300 - actually cost Johnny? $5 + the time it takes to weave (and I'm guessing that even for a $25/hour consultant it isn't going to take 12 hours to create)

Even some of the simpler things - like the cat 5 bracelet wouldn't take an hour to make.

Its a rip off, and for as smart as geeks and hackers are I can't believe that they'd buy into this. Its neat, and I may end up making some - but its not worth the price they're charging. (OTOH I wish I had thought of it first...)

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