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Friday, June 10, 2005
The only thing we have to fear.. is fear itself. - FDR

Nearly everyone can hear that famous, and timeless FDR soundbyte in their heads. It just came though one of my email lists in relation to something completely different, but it brought about a striking irony for me.

Its true that we have nothing to fear but fear itself, as we were so eloquently told by our government nearly 65 years ago - but thats far from the message we're receiving from our government today - what do we have to fear now? Anthrax, Biological attacks, Terrorists, Yellow Alerts, Red Alerts, Orange Alerts, Nuclear Weapons, Iraqis who won't sell us oil, liberals, atheists, Muslims, Communists, Cuba, Afghanistan, and the list goes on....

So what happened in 65 years that caused our government to go from telling us "Don't be afraid", "live your lives", "we'll tell you what you can do", even 40 years ago we were being told we can help our government - that as a people united we can shoot for the moon and get to it, now we're being held in a perpetual state of fear - terrorized not only by "terrorists", a completely unseen enemy, but also by the government - made up of fellow citizens - that we have, for over 200 years, entrusted our safety - domestic and global.

They've betrayed that trust, its a shame how our great nation has slipped into mediocrity under our own noses

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