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Monday, June 06, 2005
Hell has frozen over
Wow. All the rumors flying around the last week or two have turned out to be true. (not I haven't read a lot on this so this is all my knowlege - my current connection is too slugish to try and do any fact checking or deeper research)

Apple is switching to Intel

Part of me is shocked and amazed, part of me wants to beat my head against a wall, part of me is saying cool (hesitantly)

The first part knows that this isn't anything new. Apple has had in house ports to the x86 architecture almost since the beginning continuing up to the not so secret announcement today. Old hand Mac geeks are aware that Apple cam pretty close to cross platform compatibility in the clone era, almost but not quite getting to the point where they released a Mac with all the fun legacy PC ports - some of the cloners made use of this some things like StarMax systems carry PS/2 ports. The uber quirky Beige G3s carry a PC style interface for floppy drives, however all that was quickly scrapped with the second coming of Jobs and the birth of the iMacs and the subsequent move to USB/Firewire/Airport/DVI video and all those tasty modern interfaces. There are other things like Pink (which was a x86 version of OS 7) and the open doc systems which were supposed to help migrate between Macs and PCs.

Part of me (the not so rabid generically PC bashing part) wants to put my head though a wall because, as I remember it, Intel isn't exactly the hottest chip set out there. Like really not hot - along the lines of freescale (motorola chip maker) hot . That would be frigid. Most serious geeks move towards AMD (64 bit), possibly VIA (micro-itx motherboards modders love - uberlow power and decent speed) or IBM risc chips (whats in high end servers an every Mac currently on the market)

Intel is sort of the old slow dog that, unlike freescale and IBM kinda sorta keeps up with Gordon Moore's observation of double the speed, half the cost, every 18 months to 2 years. I mean if Apple really wants to get my attention as a power house they need to move to cell technology.

However there's certainly a degree of "cool" lingering in my mind. With xbox 360 and the PS3 both using processors near or at the level of current G5s Apple really needs to do something to stay ahead of the power curve (which is a statement thats been true for a decade+) So we'll see where we're at in a few months. As I haven't really delved into OS programming I'm not really affected by the announced change - as least not seriously.

My common screen name is now seriously antiquated, as opposed to significantly deprecated.

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