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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
Justice was served
For some completely inexplicable reason people are shocked that Michael Jackson was found not guilty on all counts. To be honest I think that after all the press thats the only verdict that that jury could find and still be able to sleep with themselves at night.

Is it the correct judgment? I'm not saying. First, despite all attempts by mass media I'm happily ignorant of the details of the proceedings. The people paying attention to it are sick - the people pulling it off are mentally deranged and should be fined for obstruction of justice. If we're willing to do it if they curse why not when it is really going to fuck someone's life up? Secondly, even if I was following the media coverage - like every other moron in the country - I'd still be ignorant. Reading the transcripts doesn't do anything. Its like saying "shit" if I type "shit" in a transcript you don't know if the meaning is along the lines of "shit, thats cool" "shit, we're screwed" or "shit - look at that fecal matter". Third, I like all but the 12 jurors assigned to the case, have absolutely no say in the matter what so fucking ever.

So why are people bothering passing judgment before trial? This is America, where is "Innocent until proven guilty"? In the sacrificing of our freedoms did we give up that tenant of our culture as well? I'm a strong supporter of free speech and press but not at the expense of another man's freedom. More importantly why are people so blown away when their preconceived mass-media produced judgments aren't shared by those few charged with deciding another mans fate?

Its a ridiculous and sad statement about our culture.

I'm glad that he was found innocent - its good to know that there are at least 12 people in this country that can reach a rational decision when taking in a larger view. Had they found him guilty it would have only led to a succession of appeals that would have simply overturned the decision - and all the while would have been pelted with more mass ejections of public ignorance surrounding our courts and justice systems Thank you to the jackson jurors, millions of people may hate you, but remember that its possible and probable that millions of people can be wrong.

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