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Friday, June 17, 2005
Root Beer Part Duex
Batch One of the Root Beer has been brewed, cooled and sampled and the verdict - mmmmm Beer.

No I didn't forget the root, the concoction (1.25 cups sugar, 1.5 tablespoons extract, 1 teaspoon yeast and about 2 liters of water) Tastes more like a beer than root beer with a noticeable yeast flavor and what I'll swear is a distinct taste of alcohol. And it probably is a strong bit of alcohol.

Of corse its entirely my fault - I added too much yeast - like 4 times too much, which explains why it took 1/4 the time to brew (1 day not 4) and why there seems to be a stronger alcohol content (more yeast eating more sugar) and why the thing tastes like yeast.

I feel dumb.

Anyways I'm going to see how I can save batch two (batch one had its yeast killed when chilled)

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