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Thursday, June 23, 2005
Root Beer Quandary Phase
I've been brewing root beer, as noted here, here, here and of corse here.

I think I'm close to it. I've been chilling some of the latest batch for the last day or so and we cracked it open a little earlier. The result: still yeast flavored (but not as bad as 4 times the yeast....) and there's a mild taste of alcohol (entirely expected) - but overall entirely consumable. I mean this batch is by no means going to replace IBC or other root beers for regular drinking, but it can certainly be used for floats and brown cows (another combination of root beer and ice cream) and it certainly allows more experimentation (like getting quality flavoring and not whatever happens to be stocked at walmart) However before I can try other flavorings I still need to consume 7 liters of this batch before it blows up (I can't fit 7 liters in the fridge since Matt took the minifridge) which means I'm perfectly entitled to borrow titles (and puns) from H2G2...

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